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Semaphore Help – Mug

Semaphore flag “Help” mug. On the cover of The Beatles’ album Help! the four cheeky chappies are actually spelling out “NUJV”. This seems to be because the shapes made were nicer than actually spelling out “HELP”. This mug uses the correct semaphore message to spell out “HELP”.

Semaphore Alphabet – Mug

While enjoying a nice cup of tea learn how to communicate by flapping your arms about. Flap, flap, flap flap, flap. Ahhh! Milk, one sugar.

I require a tug – Mug

Oooo errr missus! This is a maritime signal flag that states that “I require a tug”. After googling this it turns out that that a ‘tug’ is a boat for manoeuvring other, lager, boats. Therefore if you need to be manoeuvred you should wave this mug and get someone to give you a tug.

I am dragging my anchor – Mug

You can tell if your ship has become over tired and is reluctant to go any further because it will start dragging its anchor. If this happens you must warn all the other ships around you with a maritime signal flag that announces “I am dragging my anchor”. This flag also means ‘Y’. Why? Who […]

Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals – Mug

Oi! “Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals”… or else. This maritime signal flag is very useful for asserting your control over anyone in the asininity. It also means the letter ‘X’, which can be useful for sending messages about a partially submerged xylophone. You think icebergs are bad, imagine what would […]

I require medical assistance – Mug

Wave this mug about to declare “I require medical assistance”. Someone will then rush to your aid with an aspirin and half a pint of Guinness. This maritime signal flag also means ‘W’, which might also prove useful in certain unspecified circumstances.

I require assistance – Mug

“I require assistance”!!! Look at me waving this mug in the air. Help me with… whatever it is that I need help with. A maritime signal flag that is just a general cry for help and the letter ‘V’.

You are running into danger – Mug

It is only fair to warn people with a maritime signal flag – “You are running into danger”. Have this mug on your desk at work, it might help stop people trying to ‘borrow’ your stapler. Wave it at your fellow worker until he heeds the warning and heaves to.

I am operating astern propulsion – Mug

“I am operating astern propulsion” Good grief! A maritime signal flag to warn people that you are farting with such vigour that it is acting as a form of propulsion. At least that is what I hope that it is about. Other wise I shudder to think what it might mean.

I wish to communicate with you – Mug

In the history of chat-up lines this has to be one of the best. “I wish to communicate with you” is straight to the point. So if you are on a ship and you see some one you fancy on another ship you can use this maritime signal flag to make your desires known. Or, […]

I require a pilot – Mug

Who would have guessed that ships can have pilots too. Apparently they help you into port, which is why this maritime signal flag exists. Maybe they can help you steer through other troubled waters. My not give it a go? Signal “I require a pilot” and see what turns up.

I am disabled; communicate with me – Mug

If you are disabled in any way, physically, mentally or existentially you will still want people to talk to you. This is why this maritime signal flag exists. So signal load and proud “I am disabled; communicate with me”. It also represents the letter ‘F’, which might also prove useful.

Keep clear of me; I am manoeuvring with difficulty – Mug

It is something that has happened to all of us. We are finding it difficult to negotiate obstacles and become a danger to shipping. You need to signal that other people should stay away from you for their own safety. You need this maritime signal flag mug! “D: Keep clear of me; I am manoeuvring […]

Maritime Signal Flags

Captain Grooviss has come up with a few new designs, being a nautical kind of person they have maritime signal flags on them. I have a diver down I am taking in or discharging dangerous cargo Maneuvering with difficulty Coming Alongside I wish to communicate with you Man overboard I require medical assistance Stop you […]