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Without A Beard You’re Nothing – Mug

Believe Karl when he says – “Without a beard you’re nothing”. You may not agree with Marx on anything else but you have to agree with this mug. And remember, just because I have a beard does not make me a hippy, hipster or CAMRA member.

My Ship My Rules – Mug

If it is my ship I can do what I like and I say that you are not in my gang unless you have a beard. A mug for bossy people with beards.

The Hirsute Male Is More Highly Evolved

It has been a while since the Captain has designed a new beard T-shirt but inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection he has come up with “The Hirsute Male Is More Highly Evolved “. On it there is a picture of an aged Charles Darwin.  What more could any bearded gent want? Buy […]