28 Pints Later Zombie – Hoodie

All around you there are people staggering about making groaning noises. They are trying to eat your flesh. They seem alive, yet they are incoherent. OMG! 28 Pints Later – Just When You Thought It Was safe To Drink Cider. Pint 1: Exposure… Pint 3: Ranting… Pint 8: Instability… Pint 15: Inebriation… Pint 28: Devastation. Thanks to Damon Allen for letting us recycle one of his Who’s Affeard designs.

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We are not doing hoodies that the moment
We are not doing hoodies that the moment


  • 280gsm 80% cotton 20% polyester
  • Printed with durable fade free Flex material
  • Sizes
  • Wash at 40°C
  • FREE postage on Amazon and ebay