Anne Bonny & Mary Read Mugs

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were female pirates of some repute. They hung round with ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham and were then sentenced to be hanged. When Rackham’s ship was attached all the men ran away and hid below decks, leaving the two women to fight on their own. When the were all captured Anne remarked […]

You can now buy from our website

It is now possible for you to buy direct from our website rather than from Amazon or Ebay. Payment is via Paypal and we are offering postage to the UK or Europe. If you want items posting outside Europe please buy from Amazon and Ebay.

Stall News

Captain Grooviss will have a stall at the following events: Royal Bath and West Show    27 – 30 May Upton Jazz Festival    25 – 28 June Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival    16 – 19 June Outcider Festival    31 July – 2 August Watchet 28-30 August Ross on Wye Cider Festival    4 – 6 September More dates to […]

Grooviss Stall This Saturday

Captain Grooviss will be selling T-shirts in Chepstow this Saturday between 9am and 1pm. Look for us by the Town Hall. Aaaaaaarrrrrr I’m a pirate… Ho ho ho, or am I santa?

Cider Festivals

Captain Grooviss will have a t-shirt stall at Bristol and Bath Cider Festivals again this year. See the Stall page for details.

Captain Mainwaring

Going through life with a sense of innate superiority there is often occasions on which one would like to say – “Stupid Boy” in the way Captain Mainwaring.


I am not sure that this is quite what Woody Guthrie had in mind when he wrote “This Machine Kills Fascists” on his guitar. But when facing fascists I would rather have a t-34 than a guitar. Choose from the styles listed below.

Apple & Crossbones

Live in fear! Those cider pirates are out there somewhere flying the Apple & Crossbones and getting  jolly rogered on cider. But the Apple & Crossbones T-shirt here.

Fear, Hate, Anger

In these times in which we live there are three emotions with which we must get to grips; fear, hate and anger. The sheep signifies ovine angst. But the Fear, Hate Anger T-shirt here.

Ginger Ninja

Are you ginger? Do you sneak around at night? Here is the T-shirt for you! The Ginger Ninja. Well, you have to get them before they get you because ginger people  have a lower pain threshold than normal. Buy the Ginger Ninja T-shirt here.

The Cat’s Bum

Here is a new T-shirt design with a picture of a cat’s bum on it. Plain and simple. Buy the Cat’s Bum T-shirt here.

The Hirsute Male Is More Highly Evolved

It has been a while since the Captain has designed a new beard T-shirt but inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection he has come up with “The Hirsute Male Is More Highly Evolved “. On it there is a picture of an aged Charles Darwin.  What more could any bearded gent want? Buy […]

Maritime Signal Flags

Captain Grooviss has come up with a few new designs, being a nautical kind of person they have maritime signal flags on them. I have a diver down I am taking in or discharging dangerous cargo Maneuvering with difficulty Coming Alongside I wish to communicate with you Man overboard I require medical assistance Stop you […]

Cider Heads

Quiffey from Who’s Afear’d and Steve The Wurzel enjoying some cider in apropriate Captain Grooviss T-shirts.

Camilla And The Pasty T-Shirt

Captain Grooviss now has the “honour” of being able to boast – “as featured in the Daily Mail”. In an article about Camilla Duchess of Cornwall apparently shopping on ebay the Daily Mail suggested that she may care to buy a Captain Grooviss 1/2 Man 1/2 Pasty T-shirt. It’s the Cornwall connection… get it? Check […]