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Captain Mainwaring

Going through life with a sense of innate superiority there is often occasions on which one would like to say – “Stupid Boy” in the way Captain Mainwaring.


I am not sure that this is quite what Woody Guthrie had in mind when he wrote “This Machine Kills Fascists” on his guitar. But when facing fascists I would rather have a t-34 than a guitar. Choose from the styles listed below.

Apple & Crossbones

Live in fear! Those cider pirates are out there somewhere flying the Apple & Crossbones and getting  jolly rogered on cider. But the Apple & Crossbones T-shirt here.

Fear, Hate, Anger

In these times in which we live there are three emotions with which we must get to grips; fear, hate and anger. The sheep signifies ovine angst. But the Fear, Hate Anger T-shirt here.

Ginger Ninja

Are you ginger? Do you sneak around at night? Here is the T-shirt for you! The Ginger Ninja. Well, you have to get them before they get you because ginger people  have a lower pain threshold than normal. Buy the Ginger Ninja T-shirt here.

The Cat’s Bum

Here is a new T-shirt design with a picture of a cat’s bum on it. Plain and simple. Buy the Cat’s Bum T-shirt here.

The Hirsute Male Is More Highly Evolved

It has been a while since the Captain has designed a new beard T-shirt but inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection he has come up with “The Hirsute Male Is More Highly Evolved “. On it there is a picture of an aged Charles Darwin.  What more could any bearded gent want? Buy […]

Maritime Signal Flags

Captain Grooviss has come up with a few new designs, being a nautical kind of person they have maritime signal flags on them. I have a diver down I am taking in or discharging dangerous cargo Maneuvering with difficulty Coming Alongside I wish to communicate with you Man overboard I require medical assistance Stop you […]